Kara Atkinson
Cru Inner City--Milwaukee

Kara grew up in Montello and was a part of our church before joining Cru. She is currently the Intern Coordinator with Cru Inner City-Milwaukee, the urban ministry of Cru.
Cru Inner City's mission is to serve and mobilize the church to live out God's heart for the poor so that all can grow in Christ and build spiritual movements everywhere.
Connecting: We provide relief products to help partner ministries connect with those in need. The outreaches which connect our churches to the poor include hygiene products and blankets to the homeless, back-to-school supplies, holiday meals for families, and much more. We seek to connect people in Milwaukee to the body of Christ that they might know Jesus!
Empowering: Many urban church leaders lack training and manpower. We offer training, manpower, and other resources to help churches minister to men, women, and children in need. We do this by providing college students to work alongside them during the summer months.
Developing: We equip churches to bring deep and lasting transformation to their neighborhoods through long-term developmental tools. The S.A.Y. Yes! Program is a Christ-centered after school program designed to minister to the holistic needs of young people and offers specialized training, curriculum and other assistance. These centers are an in-your-life mentoring ministry focusing on the whole child. They are committed to helping young people develop a dynamic, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ and become all that He created them to be.
Kara's main focus is developing Christ-centered leaders in the inner city. She trains and develops interns and church leaders who are ministering in broken places throughout the inner city. Her desire is to see laborers in Milwaukee living out their God-given talents and gifts so every person has the opportunity to know Christ.

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cru--stevens point, wisconsin
ryan & colleen naidl

Ryan and Colleen Naidl direct the Cru ministry at Steven's Point. Ryan gave us some of the results of Gospel that has been given out freely in central Wisconsin: *45 central Wisconsin students are headed out on full time missions *Former UWSP students are laboring with Cru on campuses at UW-La Crosse, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Madison, UW-Eau Claire, as well UW-Stevens Point. *Former UWSP students continue to labor with Cru in France, Africa, East Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. *50+ UWSP athletes where connected to our Christian athlete’s ministry, Athletes in Action *We have been able to grow three contextualized ministries on campus for specific ethnic groups. *We had our first Hmong interns with Cru at UWSP this year. *We have committed leaders raised up for 22 dorm Bible studies next fall along with leaders for our Cru large group, worship band, contextualized ministries, distance campuses, athletes ministry, social media, and freshmen team.

elwa ministries association
sim--liberia, west africa

ELWA began in 1951 by SIM when land was cleared on 130 acres near Monrovia and a Christian radio station was built that reached all of Africa. A hospital was built in 1964 and was known for high quality medical care. A 14 year civil war destroyed ELWA but with the perseverance of Liberian Christians, ELWA was rebuilt and today is a strong voice for the good news of Jesus Christ in the large metropolitan area of Monrovia, to the isolated rural areas of Liberia and to the neighboring countries.

ELWA Radio3.jpg

The radio studio was crammed into an old garage and after a fire, it was moved to the transmitter building. In 2003, HCJB Int'l, now called Reach Beyond began partnering with ELWA to provide transmitters, antennas, generators, and other technical needs. A new radio building has been constructed and the interior is still been finished and outfitted. ELWA radio broadcasts on FM (94.5) and shortwave (49M SW) to the neighboring countries.

The ELWA hospital was at the center of Ebola virus battle beginning first with the small original hospital building. Samaritan's Purse had begun construction of a new hospital at ELWA and though unfinished, this became the isolation ward for Ebola patients. Doctors Without Borders set up a third temporary multi-tent hospital also on the ELWA property. After having killed close to 5,000 people in Liberia and thousands more in neighboring countries, the Ebola crisis is now several years in the past and government infrastructure, more prepared medical community, education, and preventive care should keep this from happening again. The new ELWA hospital built by Samaritan's Purse was dedicated November 2016. Besides meeting the health needs of the community, both the hospital and the dental clinic now have training programs for new doctors and staff.

The New elwa hospital

The New elwa hospital

elwa academy

elwa academy

ELWA Academy started again after the war with preschool children and now has about 400 students. It is primarily a school for those who work at ELWA. In May, 2017 the first class of 12th grade seniors graduated. A new high school building has now been built and will begin use in September, 2017.

ELWA Services is the ministry that maintains the buildings and grounds, keeps the power on and clean water flowing, provides security and many other duties. With help from Reach Beyond and SIM, ELWA now has 4 functioning generators and a new pump for the well. A remodeled and enlarged guest house for visitors will be finished this fall.

Camp Lawana is an outreach ministry located on the ELWA property and the dilapidated buildings were also recently improved. There are other ministries connected with ELWA such an an international church that meets on the property and a neighboring orphanage.






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brian & annie hulka
riverside bible camp--amherst, wisconsin

Brian's position is Caretaker/Maintenance and Annie's is Caretaker/Housekeeping.  For over 80+ years, the Lord has been using Riverside to impact the lives of young people through a Biblically based, cost compassionate, highly effective small camp experience.  Riverside offers week long camps for children starting at age 8 through teens as well as several family camps and a day camp for K-6th grade.  There are retreats through out the year for youth and adults.  The camp also offers their facilities for churches and private groups to rent.  All of their staff are faith supported by churches, family, and friends instead of receiving a salary which helps keep camp affordable as many of the young people who attend are financially challenged. 
Riverside Bible Camp is situated along the beautiful sandy-bottomed Tomorrow River which is perfect for swimming, tubing, or fishing.  Other summer activities include hiking on 40 acres, hay rides, volleyball, basketball, soccer and other field sports.  There is an indoor game room with pool, ping pong and other games.  The pavilion overlooks the Tomorrow River and shelters the carpetball tables.  Winter sports include ice skating and broomball.
The chapel seats up to 175 people and the dining hall serves 120.  The Retreat Center is available year round and is perfect for family reunions, weddings, church and pastoral retreats, individual or small groups.  It offers 7 modern family style rooms that sleep 36 people, a 40' x 20' meeting space, a multifunction loft, full kitchen and laundry facilities.  There are 20 other cabins or rooms that range from modern to rustic that house up to 150 people.  Tent and RV camping is also available.   
The summer staff are trained and equipped to be servant leaders through two discipleship programs:
Riverside Servanthood Institute (RSI) is the volunteer discipleship program for high school students age 14 and older.  They can choose certain weeks to work and may sign up to work in 3 areas:   Housekeeping/Food Service, Farm/Work Project, or Counselor.
Lives Inspired For Truth (Lift) is for post high school young adults who serve and extended period of time, June-July and often longer if possible.  They are trained as servant leaders so that they may have influence for Christ while serving at camp and when they return to their families and their communities.
You are invited to stop by for a visit, tour the camp and farm, enjoy the beauty of the Tomorrow River and the quiet inspiration of the woods and fields.  More information, camp programs and schedules, and registrations forms are available online.
Brian and Annie Hulka, 6345 Co. Rd. DD, Amherst, WI54406 • 715-824-3198 or 608-617-5873 (cell)
Riverside Bible Camp, 6355 Co. Rd DD, Amherst, WI54406 • 715-824-3198 • www.riversidebiblecamp.org

island literacy network

Island Literacy Network is a non-profit, community driven organization which seeks to empower rural communities by facilitating the creations of community run libraries and informal educational programs throughout the Islands, while opening the doors for the Good News.  This is a great way to enter a community and meet people in a non-threatening way to begin relationships in the first steps of church planting in a community. 
The Need in Indonesia for non-formal education and access to interesting and empowering reading material is great.  Less than 1% of schools have a library.  Rural communities are especially being left behind in the area of education and many of their schools are in grave disrepair.  The few existing school libraries tend to be filled mainly with workbooks or out dated books.  Buying new books remains too expensive for the average family. 
Learning Centers are at the center of the ILN program.  Each center includes an extensive library, runs various non-formal educational programs and an Internet cafe, a guest house or rent English books in order to offset some of the operational costs for that region.
Reading Posts start with around 200 books and are located in private homes, schools or local governmental offices.  New books are circulated in from the Learning Center to keep the collection fresh and support local programs.  Marquette Community Church supports a Reading Post.
Non-formal Educational Programs like the Kindergarten for the Poor and the Family Reading Program, are helping parents and the community to better prepare the next generation to succeed in school.  Together with new access books, after school tutoring and other programs, kids are gaining new confidence and hope.
EFCA ReachGlobal Donor Services, 901 East 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55420 • 800-745-2202
For tax free donations, designate TouchGlobal-Islands Educational Assistance #21709 – 3980
To receive the bi-monthly ILN Newsletter, send an email to islandliteracy.network@gmail.com
Rachel Bliss is our contact with EFCA Reach Global for this ministry.  She is CONNECT's Indonesia Advocate.  She mobilizes churches, individuals, and resources to join with the indigenous church planting ministry to reach unreached people.  Indonesia is home to the world's largest number of Unreached People Groups. 
Rocky and Rachel Bliss, 3208 Ruth St., Rockford, IL 61103 • Phone: 815-262-2363  • Email:  rachel.Bliss@efca.org

daniel & nancy lupton
first love international--czech republic

Dan and Nancy are missionaries to the Czech Republic through First Love International Ministries.  Their mission field: Svitavy where Oskar Schindler saved 1,100 lives from the holocaust.  Their mission:  To cause celebrations in heaven over Czech atheists who will believe in Jesus, belong to the Svitavy church plant, and become reproducing Christians.
The Luptons teach English classes in the schools where it is required for graduation.  They also hold English camps in the summer.  In all of these they clearly speak of how to have a relationship with God.  Though this is an atheistic country, people are eager to learn English and American ways so they are welcomed.  They have had good success in leading people to Christ but sometimes the truth of Christ is rejected and they need prayer to persevere until their students are able to walk in the light.  They also have a church plant in Svitavy, teach adults in their apartment, and hold and English club which has a cafe theme.  Contact them to sign up for their regular email updates.
Dan and Nancy Lupton • Marakova 1149/1, 568 02 Svitavy, Czech Republic • dan@czechoutreach.org • nancy@czechoutreach.org •        http://czechserve.yolasite.com
First Love International • PO Box 15836, Loves Park, IL 61132-5836 • 815-229-3065• firstloveinternational@comcast.net


bob & chris prouty

Bob & Chris reach multi-cultural communities with the Gospel from Sydney, Australia.  In their neighborhood, 30 languages are spoken and 95% of the public school students don't speak English at home.  Chris is a public school chaplain interacting with the students & teachers each school day & demonstrates the Gospel in action & word.  Both Bob & Chris teach a weekly Bible class at the public school during school time.  Chris helps to lead a weekly Bible study at the local public high school & then invites girls to their home for a youth group. 
Bob has set up internet evangelism sites for CRU.  They can help prepare you to build strong friendship, give you tools for evangelism & discipleship, offer you personal coaching in starting your own ministry and introduce you to people who are willing to help you share the Gospel & your life with all of you neighbors. 
Through internet evangelism, everyday over 300,000 people come to one of CRU's 90+ evangelistic websites.  Each day 7,000 people ask for more information about Jesus.  Our volunteer team uses 10+ languages to answer these emails.  Our goal is to equip every Christian to reach out cross-culturally with the Gospel.  Would you prayerfully consider being an online missionary?  Imagine if two people came to your home every day saying they just asked Jesus into their life & want to know what comes next.  We can help you tell them six things every new Christian needs to learn to have an effective walk with God.  Look at missionaryfromhome.com.  We have free bi-lingual Gospel tracts in many languages available for your use.
Bob & Chris Prouty • 13 Hornsey Rd, Homebrush West, NSW 2140 Australia • hereslife.com • prouty@herslife.com • American Phone (After 3pm) 503-616-4604 • Austrailian Phone 9746-3263 • Skype ausprouty

reaching haiti 4 christ ministries

Reaching Haiti 4 Christ Ministries (RH4CM) is an indigenous church planting effort partnering with EFCA.  Rev Steve Exantus and his wife, Mercenieuse are from Bombarde, Haiti where his father began the work.
Haiti isan extremely impoverished nation, the poorest in our hemisphere and has suffered from corrupt government, a devastating earth quake, tropical storms and a Cholera epidemic.  Children in the school often have no other food or clothes that what they receive in school. 
RH4CM has a church/school in Port-au-Price where they recently bought land and another in Bombarde, Haiti.  The hurricanes that went through last year destroyed the church/school in Bombarde as well as everyone's home, belongings, crops and livestock.  The Bombarde area has been overlooked by aid groups because it is remote and difficult to get to sitting atop a mountain plateau where vehicles currently cant drive.  Materials to make concrete blocks and other building supplies to rebuild the church/school must be brought up the mountain by donkey and horse.  We have helped raise funds for a deep community well that hopefully will be put in the summer.

Pastor Steve Exantus, 571 Saint Michelle Way, Margate, FL 33068 • 754-422-0578 • reachinghaiti4christ.org

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rightside fishermen
dan & marsha haynes--niamey, niger

Dan and Marsha Haynes have been involved in church planting and evangelism in Mali, West Africa since 1979 based first in Timbuktu and later in Niafunke. They disciple and train national Christians to work with them in an evangelism and compassion ministry called Rightside Fishermen along the Niger River. The initial village contacts are usually with the Jesus film or a medical clinic led by Marsha who is a nurse. In 2012, a military seizure of power by Muslim extremists took over the northern two thirds of the Mali during which Christians lost everything and escaped to the south. Since then the north has been retaken, a fragile peace exists and some Christians have moved back to the north. The Haynes worked with refugee groups in southern Mali but now have been relocated to Niger and are working further south along the same river while also establishing a new base in Benin.
Their work is among Muslim people in countries where there is freedom of religion officially but where becoming a Christian usually means being rejected by family and community, loss of jobs, economic and other persecution.
Sign up for regular email updates by contacting Dan at dmhaynes53@gmail.com.
Faith Baptist Mission, PO Box 866, Eagle Lake, FL 33839 • 863-293-0689 faithbaptistmission.org

david & susan rousseau
team--harare, zimbabwe

Dave and Sue have been working with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in Zimbabwe since 1989, serving at Harare Theological College (HTC). HTC trains men and women for Christian ministry in the evening which allows them to work and do ministry during the day. Dave has been the principal at HTC for over 12 years as well as holding many other positions. He has taught in a number of areas including Bible subjects, Preaching, Hermeneutics, Philosophy and Ethics, Academic/Research Writing and guiding students through the writing of a thesis. He also often meets with students outside the classroom to help them with issues they face in life and ministry. David also has held leadership positions with TEAM Zimbabwe and speaks in many churches as a fill-in preacher.
Sue has been serving as the TEAM Serve coordinator in Zimbabwe which means she communicates with and oversees all short term missionaries who come to Zimbabwe under TEAM. She also helps lead a weekly ladies Bible Study and assists Dave as she is able.
Zimbabwe is a country suffering with over 90% in unemployment. The government has been corrupt with many human rights abuses. Life expectancy is short and AIDS has taken a huge toll leaving over a million orphans. Both Dave and Sue work with those who are ministering to children at risk, mainly orphans, in Zimbabwe. Eden Village and Hands of Hope are two orphanages that are part of this work. Dave is on the board of Hands of Hope which oversees about thirty projects in Zimbabwe.
Dave's email - dshcrousseau@hotmail.com • HTC website - www.htc.ac.zw/ • TEAM, PO Box 969, Wheaton, IL, 60187-0969 • team.org 800-343-3144

john mark & sara sheppard
sim--voinjama, liberia

John Mark & Sara Sheppard are serving with SIM in Voinjama, Liberia among the unreached Manya people group, helping believers grow in their faith through discipleship, leadership training and scripture resource development.  John Mark has been translating scripture.  Genesis is now ready to be printed, distributed, and recorded as an audio drama. Matthew is undergoing a consultant check, while John Mark continues reading his work to other native speakers to make sure the text is clear and accurate. He is also working on literacy materials, to help people learn to read the Scriptures and other books in their own language, as they become available.
The Manya People
The Manya (or Mandingo) ethnic group lives primarily in Lofa County in the northwest corner of Liberia and across the border in Guinea. They number approximately 100,000 people in both countries.  The Manya are a branch of the larger Mande group which has over eight million people and is spread across West Africa.  Today the Manya are nearly 99% Muslim, although the majority only embraced Islam in the last 75 years.  They live alongside another ethnic group called the Loma, who practice African Traditional Religion with a Christian minority.  The version of Islam practiced by the Manya is generally tolerant and peaceful. The Mandingo do however occasionally come into conflict with their Loma neighbors over land issues.  Many Mandingo mix animistic elements into their faith such as wearing charms to protect against evil spirits.  Very few Manya Muslims are able to read and understand the Qur'an for themselves. They are more concerned about the sounds of the Arabic words than the meaning behind them.  Ethnic tensions, prejudice or a general sense of apathy have prevented Liberian Christians of other ethnic groups from reaching out to Manya with the message of the gospel.  SIM missionaries worked with the Manya for several yearsbefore the war, but saw little fruit.  Today, the Manya are more open than ever to the Gospel. 
Here is an excerpt from their February newsletter:  “I love Bible stories!” The old man’s face shone as he talked with John Mark about Jesus and recalled how he had attended church regularly as a boy under the care of his open-minded father. “Jesus gave himself as the last and perfect sacrifice,” he said. He contrasted that with the endless sacrifices offered by his people, such as a feast being held in a nearby town in which three cows would be slaughtered, while the religious leaders pray for God’s mercy on the souls of the departed. But he became downcast when he spoke of the rejection and possible death that he would face if he were to publicly identify as a Christian.  We thank God for opportunities to encourage men and women like this who want to learn more about Jesus. We are excited about the formation of a monthly discipleship group for Manya speakers. We kicked things off with a Christmas party at our house, where over 20 people gathered and heard for the first time Christmas story read in their own language. This group provides a unique opportunity for people, like the man mentioned above, to grow in their faith alongside others of a similar background.
Email address:  johnmark.sheppard@sim.org   Website/blog jmandsarainliberia.com

sky lodge christian camp


Sky Lodge Christian Camp is a ministry of the North Central Conference of the Free Methodist Church. It is about a mile north of our church and because of our proximity, we both benefit from a cooperative relationship. Staff and campers often attend MCC, SLCC facilities are used for MCC events, and MCC young people often work at SLCC or are campers.
SLCC offers many opportunities that will enrich the lives of your family. Family Camp, Junior Camp (grades 4-6), Young Teen Camp (grades 7-9), Cowgirls (girls grades 4-6), Equestrian Camp (girls grades 7-9), Adventure Camp (boys grades 4-6), Paintball Plus (boys grades 7-9), Robot Plus (boys and girls grades 7-9), Snowfest (grades 7-12), Men's Retreat, and Women's Retreat. Teens (grades 10-12) may join The Zone discipleship program for one or more weeks in the summer, and are invited back at the end of the summer for a staff retreat. The Zone Foreman positions are staffed by young adults. Here in a natural setting, away from the distractions and responsibilities of life, the message of God's love and how to have a close relationship with Him through Jesus Christ comes through much clearer. Deep lasting friendships are built that help sustain and guide through life.
Sky Lodge operates year-round offering week long camps or shorter retreats to church and community groups, public and private schools, family reunions, craft groups, leadership planning groups, etc. We have dorm style cabins, motels, log cabin retreat center and an area for tent and RV camping. Fun outdoor activities include horseback trail rides, hay rides, canoeing, fishing, archery, rifle range, paintball, campfires, nature trail, outdoor swimming pool, mini golf, disc golf, sports fields, sand volleyball, tennis, ice skating, broomball, and snowshoes. The Hitching Post offers snack and games. The Chapel/Recreation Building offers indoor volleyball and basketball. Stop by, call or find us online.
Sky Lodge Christian Camp, N4855 Co. Rd. Y, Montello, WI, 53949 • skylodge.org 608-297-2566

think, inc (touching humanity in need of kindness)
liberia, west africa

Rosana Schaack founded THINK to provide services and protection for women, children and victims of Sexual/Gender Based Violence (SGBV) following the long civil war.  THINK's large staff works in many communities in Montserado and Grand Bassa Counties.  It began with funding from Samaritan's Purse Int'l. Relief (SPIR) to address the needs of ex-combatant young people.  Rosana and her husband, Kaye, are staff members of SPIR.  THINK's programs offer Biblical teaching and spiritual guidance.
THINK Homes: are for girls age 14-24 who have been exploited, uneducated, girl mothers, runaways, child prostitutes...ashamed and without hope. Now sheltered, protected, inspired, bakers, seamstresses, intelligent, loved, and confident. This is a 9 month residential program for 25 girls and 10 children under the age of 5 who are provided with:
• Shelter, protection, medical care, accelerated academic classes, psychosocial support, counseling, spiritual guidance and encouragement, family tracing/reconciliation and conflict resolution.
• Pastry making, Food preservation and catering, Tailoring, and Cosmetology)
• Life skills training including reproductive health, awareness about HIV/AIDS, prevention and response to GBV, and peace building.
Upon graduation, they are given a tool kit, business start up cash and are linked with the Business and Development Services which helps business groups form to foster a sustainable future and prevents young people from being drawn back into violence.  The girls are always welcome to come back to visit their THINK family which has become a permanent, stable supportive part of their life.
Safe Homes THINK houses victims in safe homes where they are provided with protection, shelter, educational classes, spiritual and psychosocial counseling, and family tracing and reunification.  The girl child becomes involved in creative arts and recreational activities.  are also offered to the girls.
Transit Center THINK provides other services to help meet community concerns including clinical management of SGBV situations, counseling, rehabilitation program for girls, adolescent girls mentorship, foster care placement, and early childhood development. 
The Transit Center and Safe Homes work with the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberia National Police.  THINK medically manages SGBV cases in Paynesville and is training government health workers on SGBV protocol as they will take over this job eventually throughout the country.  Rosana has also been involved in the development of governmental policies and programs for women and children in Liberia.
One Stop Center These centers save the survivor and family from making trips to the various service providers by offering these services in one facility:  Medical examination and treatment, counseling for survivor and family, law enforcement assistance, victim advocacy, and safe home referrals.  These centers were also used by THINK staff to address community needs during the Ebola crisis in 2015.
Rosana Schaack, THINK, Inc., PO Box 5806, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia
On Jangaba Road in the ELWA Community, Paynesville • 2316-558-492  • rosana@thinkliberia.com  • thinkliberia.com